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    Investor Resources

    A Fully Integrated Approach

    Yoke Management Partners

    Yoke Management Partners is committed to partnering with the best talent in the industry so that our investors, residents, and communities will experience exceptional customer service. Our team of seasoned real estate professionals uses a comprehensive approach to manage every aspect of the investment lifecycle.

    Learn About Investing with Yoke

    What is Yoke Management Partners?

    We are driven to outperform while providing innovative investment strategies built upon trust.

    As your trusted property acquisition and management partner, we place a full suite of investor resources at your disposal. From project sourcing, funding, and construction to delivering an exceptional resident experience, our knowledgeable specialists are accessible every step of the way.

    Our aim is to generate strong financial returns while improving the quality of life for our stakeholders, including our residents, contractors, neighbors, and investors. We invest for impact.

    We tirelessly work with brokers across the DMV region to ensure access to a wide range of multifamily housing opportunities.

    Yoke is a diversified real estate investment firm that acquires, renovates, and manages properties in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) region.

    Who leads Yoke?

    Yoke Management Partners is led by Chris Grant, a private equity and real estate investment professional. Chris grew up in Baltimore, earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and was recently featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Finance Class of 2021.

    What kinds of properties does Yoke invest in?

    Yoke specializes in affordable housing. Today, we focus on naturally occurring affordable housing (properties with below-market rents that aren’t government-subsidized). We work to preserve affordable housing by maintaining reasonable rents and adding units in underutilized spaces. We build long-lasting relationships with tenants and the broader community through our work.

    Why affordable housing?

    Affordable housing has historically shown stability and strong performance, especially in challenging economic environments. This starts with the fact that there often isn’t enough affordable housing to meet demand, which keeps vacancy rates very low. Skyrocketing home prices and a shortage of new homes on the market reinforce this demand by making renting more appealing. Finally, a range of public-sector investments (subsidized rents, tax incentives, and attractive financing) provide liquidity and return enhancements unique to the affordable housing asset class.

    Who manages Yoke properties?

    Yoke partners with Scope Property Management, an affordable housing specialist focused on the Mid-Atlantic region. Scope has a 10-year track record and a portfolio of nearly 1,000 units valued over $70M.

    Who are your other partners?

    Yoke works with established partners that share our commitment to affordable housing. For example, on a recent project we received an acquisition loan from The Reinvestment Fund, a mission-driven community development financial institution.

    How do I get in touch?

    You can contact us at We’d love to hear from you!

    Investment Strategy

    How does the investment model work?

    After buying a building, Yoke makes improvements, fills vacancies, and provides quality property management. When the building’s occupancy and net operating income stabilizes, Yoke refinances the building’s mortgage into a long-term mortgage with a lower interest rate. This generates a larger stream of passive cash flow for Yoke’s investors in the building. After about ten years, the building is an attractive investment for an outside buyer: it has been upgraded, is fully rented, and is well-managed. These factors, plus the natural appreciation of the property and the property’s neighborhood, allow us to sell the building for a profit.

    How does Yoke select projects?

    We work with brokers across the DMV region to ensure we have access to a wide range of opportunities (if you’re a broker and have properties that fit our criteria, please get in touch!). We review dozens of potential deals each year and run a thorough financial analysis, taking into account the condition of the building, the amenities and trajectory of the neighborhood, and data from comparable properties

    What are the features of a typical project?

    We focus on affordable, multifamily apartment buildings in the DMV area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia). These buildings can range in size from several units up to 100 units.

    What’s an example of a recent project?

    In 2021 Yoke acquired The Langdon, a 13-unit building in Northeast DC. We’re improving the building and filling vacant units while preserving affordability. This includes a partnership with The Journey Community Development Corporation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, to provide property tax relief and support tenants with programming. Click here to learn more about The Langdon.


    How often do you acquire new properties?

    Yoke is consistently pursuing new projects and acquires multiple properties each year.

    How do I get notified about investment opportunities?

    Email us at to learn about current opportunities, and sign up for our email list to hear about what’s coming next.

    I have a property that you might be interested in buying

    Please let us know! We’re always looking for new acquisition opportunities.

    Investing with Yoke

    How do I learn more about a specific project?

    We’re happy to send you a detailed investor presentation for each property in our pipeline. The Yoke team is available to answer any questions that aren’t covered in the presentation.

    How do I invest?

    When you’re ready, Yoke will share a subscription agreement with the legal and financial terms of the investment. After signing the agreement and wiring your investment funds, you’re in!

    What do I actually own when I invest in a Yoke property?

    Yoke forms a limited liability company (LLC) for each property it acquires. You will own an interest in that LLC. As revenue flows to the LLC through ongoing operations and the eventual sale, you’ll receive a portion of those funds.

    Will I be responsible for any property management or other decision-making?

    No. Investors are limited partners in the project, which means that they have a passive role and are not involved with ongoing management of the property. After you make your investment, Yoke handles the rest.

    Am I legally liable for the activities of the LLC?

    As a limited partner your liability is limited to the value of your investment. Liability does not extend to your personal assets.

    Do I need to be an accredited investor?

    No. We design our projects to be accessible to a range of investors, both accredited and non-accredited.

    What is the minimum investment?

    It varies depending on the project size, but $50,000 is a common minimum investment.

    After Investing

    What happens after I invest?

    The hard part is done! Yoke and our partners will get to work on completing the purchase, renovating the building, filling empty units, and managing the property. We’ll share regular updates during this process.

    Will I get distributions? How often?

    Once the project is stabilized and generating positive net income (usually within 1-2 years), investors will receive operating cash flow distributions each year.

    How can I stay updated on the project?

    As an investor, you’ll receive regular email updates on the project’s operations, finances, and overall progress. If you have specific questions, reach out to us anytime.

    How do I report this on my taxes?

    We’ll send you a K-1 form each year with the details of your interest in the project. We recommend consulting with a tax professional for specific guidance.

    How long is the holding period?

    Yoke plans to hold most investments for 10 years. However, we have some flexibility to sell the property between 7 and 13 years, based on market conditions and sale opportunities. This helps to ensure we get the best deal possible.

    What happens after Yoke sells the property?

    Yoke will pay all final costs related to the sale and determine the total proceeds remaining. These proceeds will be divided according to the subscription agreement and distributed to each investor.

    Disclaimer: The information above is of a general, educational nature and does not apply to any particular investment. It does not contain legal or financial advice and should not be interpreted as such. Because individual projects vary, this information may not apply to all investments offered by Yoke Management Partners. Potential investors should review investor presentations, subscription agreements, and other project-specific documents for the details and terms applicable to any individual investment.

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