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Yoke Management Partners

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    Yoke Management Partners is a majority, minority-owned investment management firm with a unique perspective on capital markets, acquisitions, and asset management. We believe that alignment is key to realizing resilient returns.

    As a result, we remain intensely focused on in investing in local partnerships and in our local markets. We evaluate partnerships, submarket data, and deal-level opportunities with a long-term orientation. Our priorities are the realization of attractive risk-adjusted returns and meaningful social impact in the communities we serve.

    We maintain relationships with established partners who share our commitment to real estate.

    At Yoke Management Partners, our primary focus is on naturally occurring affordable housing – properties that have historically shown stability and strong performance even during challenging economic times. Led by a team of seasoned real estate investment professionals, our efforts help preserve affordable housing by maintaining reasonable rents and adding units in underutilized spaces.

    Our innovative property acquisition, renovation, and management strategies help investors realize a higher ROI. We work with established partners – including affordable housing specialists – who share our commitment to creating new affordable housing opportunities. Most importantly, our projects allow us to build long-lasting relationships with tenants and the broader communities we serve.

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